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New single from Greece

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New single from Greece

Сообщение JoeClark » дек 5, '17, 08:40

Hello Guys,

This is our first song (Me lyrics & music, G. Paloumpis- [the guy on the cover] - vocals). It's inspired by Queen legendary "The show must go on" and we'd like to dedicate it to everyone that believes that no matter what, in the end, the show cannot but go on. Some of our first listeners called it "progressive pop", and one ever suggested "symphonic pop"... With quality Animated Brand Explainer Video the message is well structured so that the script leads the viewer down a path to a call to action. I'm still not sure how to call it - It sounds pop but the orchestration (choral ensemble, strings, brass etc.), counterpoint (towards the end), lack of typical structure (there is actualy no repeated chorus, lyrics keep changing every time) make it not too pop-ish... What do you think? Is it crossover?


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